Whether delivering on the globally inspired vision of its shareholder Ken Dart in the Cayman Islands or deploying the talent of its international team of experts on major infrastructure projects around the world, Decco transforms spaces to drive growth, prosperity and quality of life.

Decco is the Caribbean’s leading real estate investment, development and construction management company and the region’s standard bearer for sustainable building practices. Decco delivers landmark projects designed to build communities, define destinations and catalyze economic opportunities.

As part of the Dart group of companies financed by founder Ken Dart, Decco is resourced to expertly deliver integrated real estate solutions to its sister companies as well as partner with outside firms for complex, international endeavors. Regardless of size or location, Decco projects are characterized by innovation and designed to stand the test of time, driving sustainable growth for generations.

Investment Analysis

Dart’s internal advisory team provides project management and financial modelling for a full range of real estate investment opportunities. Boutique specialists with expertise drawn from banking, real estate, entrepreneurial investment firms, the investment team develops bespoke, sophisticated financial models tailored to Dart’s unique equity position and return objectives. Having the active investment team’s depth and diversity of experience in-house amplifies the technical excellence of Decco’s core service providers. Continual collaboration with development teams result in design that is efficient as it is thoughtful and powerful. The investment team also partners with external firms for overseeing complicated models for long-term global infrastructure projects.

Strategic Business Development

Great places come from great opportunities that are identified, cultivated and shepherded by Decco’s business development team which brings in-depth knowledge of the Caribbean and best practices from growth markets around the world. This team maintains a strong industry network to facilitate the creation of new opportunities. Working closely with the investment team to integrate qualitative and programme inputs into the business analysis as well as design and construction management, they project manage new assets from acquisition and conception to pre-operations and turnover.

Development Planning & Design

Dart spaces that are renowned for shaping and elevating the experiences of the people within them are the manifestation a thoughtful approach to development excellence that drives every project. Whether for public or private spaces and across the spectrum real estate asset classes, Decco’s design and development team is a dedicated steward of projects from concept and feasibility to master planning and schematic design characterized by innovation at every turn. A team of design professionals in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and engineering consult with their brethren around the world to imbue every project with brilliant solutions for extraordinary user experience while operating within budget and schedule constraints.

Civil Engineering

At the heart of Dart’s generational vision for world class development in the Cayman Islands is a core competency for high quality, technologically advanced infrastructure designed to stand the test of time and facilitate innovation in surrounding built spaces. Through both economic stimulus partnerships with public entities and Dart’s own long-term development initiatives, Decco has transformed Cayman’s landscape with roads, traffic circles, underpasses, bridges, subways, canals and harbours that are as attractive as they are efficient.

Construction management

Decco’s team of seasoned construction leaders bring experience and professionalism earned on major projects around the globe to the Cayman Islands, transforming Ken Dart’s vision for extraordinary spaces into three dimensions. With the planning, coordination and control of large and complex projects across real estate segments and through all phases of building, Decco manages hundreds of sub-contractors. The construction management team sets the country’s benchmark for safety, functionality and quality as well as schedule and budget adherence.


For more than two decades, Decco has developed a global network of suppliers, experienced sub-contractors and specialists in every area of commercial construction. Operating throughout the Caribbean on large-scale projects, Decco responsibly sources materials for each stage of construction, coordinates bidding processes and negotiates contracts, ensuring Dart’s uncompromising standards for integrity, quality and safety are met while maximizing resource efficiency.

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Camana Bay

October 25, 2016

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October 5, 2016

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Esterley Tibbetts Highway Expansion

January 25, 2015